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CORONAPOCALYPSE-S.O.S: Save Our Soul(s) Aurélien Millot

The world is on pause but the planet continues to turn. It is time to ask yourself and meditate on what does not seem to be working well. The virus of globalization now has a name: Corona. However, these are only symptoms of a society that seems to be affected by widespread terminal cancer. With the assistance of traditional Chinese medicine, we will establish a global diagnosis for an imbalance at all levels: economic, social, and environmental. "Apocalypse" means "revelation", the lifting of the veils, implying illusion. Looking lucidly at reality is the first step in the healing process. This essay aspires to open a deep gash of hope that I wish to be as contagious as possible. Humanity has a date with its humanity.

Publié le 08 Mai 2020

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