The Master Key(s)

82 pages de Aurélien Millot
The Master Key(s) Aurélien Millot

What is it that most of us are viscerally missing? It is as if we have lost something and experience the need to find it back. What is it concretely? It is an existential question that some ask themselves and others shy away from. Actually, "to exist" means etymologically "to separate". Consequently, this manual is intended to help, by synthesizing avenues for reflection in order to open up to new perspectives, by widening one's field of consciousness, and thus promoting reconnection to a potentially more exciting life. The keys to unlocking the doors of perception reside within each of us, as these portals only exist because we have given them a purpose, embodying both the locksmith and the master key.

Publié le 14 Mai 2021

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