I am a researcher for Columbia University's sociology department and an adviser for the international Organization for Migration. I specialize in matters of gender and migration.

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Je peux lire en français mais il est plus facile de m'exprimer en anglais, alors je rédigerai mon commentaire dans ma langue maternelle: I work at the sociology department at Columbia University, and as someone who studies human experiences, migration, identity and culture, I was immediately struck by the uniqueness and specialness of this story. Nadav has woven together a brilliant text, spanning years, distance, war, and hardship, to paint a vivid picture for us of a time and condition in our delicate history. I found the stories he explored, of not only Sioma and Tsipora, but of the trials and tribulations of Europe itself, simultaneously exciting and tender. Especially in our current age, where it feels like our societies have lost their way, our governments suffering from prejudice and ignorance, this story gives hope to the resistances, small and large, that we all must and do make. I highly recommend this special story, and hope it wins for its nomination. I also will be passing it around to my colleagues at Columbia. I hope everyone treats themselves to this book! Nadav! When will it be in print?
Publié le 04 Septembre 2018