Turpitude "evaporation-condensation-rain" is no longer

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Turpitude "evaporation-condensation-rain" is no longer Mokhtar Horri

After more than 21 centuries and so far, we do not know how a cloud is born, it's strange but this theory "evaporation-condensation-rain" is a turpitude.
Human memory will be jostled after reading this page (drawings included).

Before looking at this microscope, I would suggest 100,000,000 x (youtube) how much H2O water vapor has no chance to rise (very exciting)

In French:

In English:
https://www.kloojj.com/kloojj-Hydrogen-burning-under-100-000-000x-microscope-2H2-O2-2H2O-Hydrogen-burning-under-microscope-microscope-7fe8bf00-a517-11e7-8968- 673e196dafbe? Utm_source = google & utm_medium = seo & utm_campaign = search
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Hi, You can not prove it to us, but I prove to you that you say anything and your heads are lost in space and not the hydrogen and helium of the earth. Like here:
"The massive loss of mass is about 95,000 tons of hydrogen and 1,600 tons of helium that Earth releases each year, too light for gravity to hold, so they are lost directly in space ".

I answer and you judge yourself:
I say that any molecule of hydrogen released escapes at altitude but the ozone layer prevents it from rising even more, this molecule H2 by the mechanical force resulting from its speed of ascent will strike against a molecule O3 ( shock), it forms a molecule H2O (18 lighter than air, it remains in suspension, once united to another, it will be 2H2O = 36, heavier than air, it starts to go down) and a molecule O2 (32 heavier than the air goes down, it rains O2).
So you see that hydrogen is not lost (nothing is lost).

Now, I know that it immediately comes to your mind that if this is so, the ozone layer would have disappeared a long time ago.
Fortunately, you know better than anyone that the ozone layer regenerates every second, since flashes occur every second.
So any molecule H2, released as a result of any reaction, is a potential future molecule of water.

Thank you

Publié le 06 Novembre 2018

TORAH, BIBLE, KURAN, SCIENCE and ME: Disapproves of "evaporation-condensation-rain" theory.

"Bereishit Rabba"
The measuring force of the rains is as powerful as the whole force of the creation of the world. (creation).
If you can do that at home or in the lab, I do not see where that great strength is?

1-"It makes the lightning shine and the rain falls in abundance (Jeremiah 13)".
2- "His lightnings announce the rain (Martin's Bible)".
3- "He makes lightnings for the rain (Darby Bible)".
Look at the link between lightning and rain (indissociable).

(Al-Hidjr 22) " وأرسلنا الرياح لواقح فأنزلنا من السماء ماء" Fécondation H2+O=pluie
(An-Naba 14) " وأنزلنا من المعصرات ماء ثجاجا " Compressions (Al-raad 12)" وينشئ السحاب الثقال" He creates outright
Our scholars of the phenomenon of science in the Koran will use these verses to prove their stupidity of "evaporation-condensation-rain"

We all learned "evaporation-condensation-rain"
The new, never heard, is that clouds or rainwater never form in this way.
(Lightning + Thunder + Rain = one single operaton)
Demonstrate in 1 page (En-Fr)

Publié le 06 Novembre 2018